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So many of us have been playing with Wolf Pack players recently. It has been achievieing some of the goals we built it to accomplish (3 current TIW members were moved up and discovered in Wolf Pack). However there have been some issues prohibiting it from growing it to it's own indepdencent, large scale, outfit. I think the main barrier to this has been assigning leadership from TIW players who may not necessarily want to run their own outfit and want to play with TIW (which is why they joined in the first place). After speaking to some outfits, we have decided to merge WP with DEOZ. The DEOZ leadership has a bunch of good guys and I like their plans and structure they have in place to facilitate a large scale outfit. So welcome DEOZ in to the fold! If you are in the wolf pack, message Sniperincoming for a Deoz invite. 
marybaby12 My name is Mary, i got your profile on, and i want to have a good relationship with you, ple...
sinsofthefallen aye yo jax - I cant stand the MLG website bro. its ugly as butt, - anyways, I was looking for info on mlg Columbus and i...
As many of you know now, TIW has been selected to represent the New Conglomerate this weekend at MLG Anaheim. We will be filming two special half hour half time shows that will air over the weekend. Basically it will be like two half hour war reports. BOTH WILL BE SHOT FRIDAY AFTERNOON AT 3:15 PM!!!!!!! MLG is flying Neon out to Platoon lead LIVE from MLG. We will be facing NUC and Future Crew, so I need as many guys on as possible. I will be casting, so won't be in game (as usual). Good luck dudes!
CrySpade a The recording is Friday @ 3:30 PM, they are broadcast during the two halftime shows for everyone in the world to see. T...
Armstrong Looks like they're the half-time shows scheduled to be broadcast at 2pm on Sat and Sun, yes? https://forums.statio...
TheEradicator I will laugh aloud as the wheels of my cart roll over the bones of the dead.

New Practice Schedule

[TIW]JaX19 a posted Jun 7, 13
Great practice tonight. Just wanted to post NEW PRACTICE SCHEDULE
Sunday 9-11pm eastern
Monday 9-11pm Eastern
Weds 9-11 pm Eastern.

First Sunday Practice will be 6/16/13
Remingtin v_v its fri-sat that I asked to get off... still, at least I wont have to use PTO for them war report things.
Remingtin I think I put in for sun-mon off... wait no fri-sat.
Undead_Steve Sweet! now I'll actually be able to make 1 practice every 2 weeks lol

This weeks War Report

[TIW]JaX19 a posted May 30, 13
I'd like to us vs Vrev since we both won our matches and we just had an outfit we had scheduled say they couldn't do it. Do we have 24 guys available at 3:30pm? Please post here

Edit: this was for Friday, 1st June 2013.
Clarity Hey, Jax, due to some confusion in game today (2013.06.07) can you put a date to all posts about ops? Saying the day of ...
sinsofthefallen yeah. Vrev always give a decent fight. even if they alkways lose. ill be there
jackkarol il try to be thare
NeonTiger, Ravich, Lotekness, and myself sat down with the awesome guys over at Reach Cast last night. Check it out! 

Noobraton Excellent rep of TIW, good job guys!
CrySpade a he's noxxia here right now
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